We work with community leaders and various community organizations to raise awareness and sensitize them to the impact violence has on women, children, families as well as the larger community. We build on our extensive community contacts for outreach, training, and capacity building. Trained staff are available to conduct workshops and speak on panels to educate community members on domestic violence and its impact. If you would like to organize a workshop on domestic violence in your community, please email

Social Work Internships

Turning Point empowers the underserved community through regular internships for social work students, providing a platform for aspiring social workers to learn how to work with the special needs of the Muslim community. In an effort to bridge the gap in social services geared toward the Muslim community, our staff works to inspire and prepare social workers to service the Muslim community in New York City from a culturally sensitive and trauma informed lens.

If you would like to complete your placement with us, please email

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