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Sana Tirmizi

Position: Board Member
Categories: Board of Directors

Sana joined the board of Turning Point for Women and Families in June 2023.

Born in the Middle East and raised in India before migrating to the United States, Sana possesses a unique and diverse background that greatly aids her in connecting with her community. She pursued a degree in sociology at Queens College and, during her college years, founded “Serving Human Foundation,” her first community-based organization. Additionally, Sana’s career path in management has further enhanced her repertoire of organizational and interpersonal skills.

Sana’s dedication to community service is evident through her volunteer work with local organizations, particularly those involved in mental health support. She has actively organized fundraisers to advocate for various causes and has also served on the board of Community Growth Center—a Long Island-based non-profit organization offering free mental health services. Notably, Sana’s remarkable success lies in her endeavors to organize interfaith events and fundraisers at the Community Growth Center.

Furthermore, Sana serves as an avid advocate for mental health, particularly focusing on the well-being of South Asian women. Due to her extraordinary efforts in leading women’s empowerment initiatives, Sana has been duly recognized by the state of New York for her exceptional contributions.