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Amina Burhan

Position: Domestic Violence Counselor
Categories: Team

Amina joined Turning Point for Women and Families as a Domestic Violence Counselor in October 2023. She is a first-generation college student and graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.A in Psychology and Minor in Health, Medicine and Society. Amina plans to pursue her master’s degree in Social Work and Applied Psychology, and earn a JD in the future to further advocate for systemic changes to support survivors and combat domestic violence. As alumni of South Asian Youth Action (SAYA!), Amina was inspired to join Turning Point to help raise awareness about mental health, advocate for equity amongst marginalized Muslim groups in New York City, and empower survivors of domestic violence. Amina is an active member of her community in Queens and is a second-generation Bangladeshi-American, born and raised in New York City, and speaks Bangla.