Our 5th Annual Mecca to Manhattan: Muslim Women Moving Mountains Series A Huge Success!

On April 20, 2013 we celebrated the successful completion of Turning Point’s 5th Annual Mecca to Manhattan: Muslim Women Moving Mountains® (M2M) leadership training program. Twenty one girls and young women participated and 19 graduated – this is the highest number of graduates we’ve ever had in the last 5 years! Our committed and passionate Youth Leader, Maha Akhtar worked hard to plan, organize and coordinate the 8-week workshop series, each facilitated by a young, accomplished professional Muslim woman. Among them was our very first Youth Leader, Moumita Zaman who envisioned and started the M2M program five years ago. Our special thanks to Maha and to all the talented and wonderful facilitators who volunteered their time and energy and helped us make M2M a phenomenal success. Executive Director, Robina Niaz congratulated all the participants and thanked staff, volunteers and the wonderful young professionals who facilitated the eight workshops. She asked the girls how many of them thought they could be leaders on M2M’s opening day – just 4 raised their hands and when she asked how many now believed they could be leaders all of them raised their hands!! Here’s what  some of our young participants had to say: Misbah Awan gave an emotional speech at the graduation ceremony and said “ I’d like to thank each and every one of you guys for being my friend through the M2M workshops. Believe it or not, you all taught me something new about myself and about you. Same goes for the workshop facilitators. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve thought of how I can leave my mark in this world.” “I wanted to learn more about women leadership and that’s what M2M taught me about.” “I wanted to learn more about women leadership and that’s what M2M taught me about.” “I met many new people, learned about different fields, and had tons of fun!” “I did become better at sharing my ideas and opened to different possibilities.” “Our participants this year were truly inspiring to work with, as driven and passionate individuals full of high aspirations,” said Maha Akhtar, our Youth Leader. The participants demonstrated excellence throughout the program. Five participants were recognized for 100% attendance and punctuality and eight for helping raise funds for Turning Point. Our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants! We are truly proud of each one of them and look forward to seeing them in leadership roles as they serve our community and make New York City a better place for all. Our grateful thanks to our partners, Women’s eNews for their consistent support over the last three years.

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