When there was no hope there was Turning Point

When there was no one around, there was Turning Point

When there was no light as far as I could see,

there was Turning Point

So many times I came and then stopped coming,

then came back to Turning Point, they were still there

When my parents said “no” to me, Turning Point was still there

It felt like they helped me learn how to walk again

This time it was harder to learn how to

walk because I was  learning to walk in a new way, with dignity

God Bless Turning Point, what they are doing will have an effect on generations to come, not just today

~ Faiza Taj, a survivor



“…Caught in a highly abusive relationship it seemed all doors were closed…Turning point was the hand that pulled me out, gave me my strength back, showed me the path and gave me my life back. Today I am leading a very happy peaceful life, raising two normal healthy kids and everyday that passes by I am grateful. "


“I think it’s a great place to find hardcore knowledge and amazing stories with much truth. A secure space to meet and really open up and relate with other youth…”


“Thanks to Turning Point's vision of serving ALL Muslims ….I know when I reach there I will always be greeted with a warm smile, be understood and receive the spiritual support I need,…For the first time I feel as though I can trust somebody that means the world to me.”


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